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Application Statement. The undersigned (individually or collectively, the "signer") understands and agrees as follows. This application is to finance a business purchase or lease of one or more vehicles. The Dealer and any creditor to which Dealer submits this Application will rely on the information and documents furnished in connection with this Application in making their respective credit decisions and such information and documents are complete, true and correct and accurately represent the financial condition of the Signer. The Signer has no knowledge of any liabilities, contingent or otherwise, not reflected in this Application or the information or documents provided in connection with this Application. Since the date of the most recent financial statement provided in connection with this Application, there have been no material adverse changes in the financial condition of the Applicant business.

The Signer authorizes Dealer and any creditor to which Dealer submits this Application, together with any affiliates, agents, service providers or assigners of the Dealer or creditor (individually or collectively, the "Creditor") as follows. Creditor may investigate the Signer's credit and employment history, obtain credit reports on the Signer and contact the Signer's references in connection with this Application. If an account is opened inr response to this Application, Creditor may obtain credit reports on the Signer for the review, update, extension or collection of the account or other legitimate business purpose related to the account; contact the Signer's references and other creditors in connection with the collection of the account including the location of any vehicle financed or leased by Creditor; and release information about Creditor's credit experience with the Signer as permitted by law.

Creditor may call the Signer, leave the Signer voice, prerecorded or artificial voice messages or send the Signer a text, email or other electronic message for any purpose related to the Signer's accounts with Creditor, Creditor's products and services, or surveys or research (each a "Communication"). Creditor may include Signer's personal information in a Communication and conduct a Communication using an automated dialing machine and any contact information Creditor has for the Signer, including a cell phone number. Creditor will not charge the Signer for a Communication but the Signer's service provider may. The Signer understands and agrees, Creditor may always communicate with the Signer in any manner permissible by law that does not require the Signer's prior consent.

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